I was a member of two tourist groups which recently made two separate trips to Belgrade and Montenegro. Both trips were organised by Balkan DMC, a local tourist agency based in Belgrade. Actually they call themselves a Destination Management Company, a very hifalutin description but oh so totally accurate, and they were fantastic. Biljana Babic, DMC's Managing Director planned the itineraries and led both trips herself. We were honoured indeed! Biljana was charming, gracious, spoke perfect English and was a font of knowledge – any questions we had on the tours she answered perfectly. She was attentive to everyone's needs at all times, introduced us to some great restaurants – and fabulous wine! – and we learned a lot of fascinating history and local culture. I had been to Belgrade many times myself since 1970 and, frankly, never found it a particularly interesting city – until I met Biljana! She introduced us to so many amazing and incredible places in just three days, that I completely reformed my opinion of Belgrade.



"I had as a tour operation and as a tour guide a very pleasant experience with Balkan DMC, Biljana and the staff were extremely friendly and professional, with very nice attitude and generosity, I am warmly recommend to work with them".

Israel, L.B.


Testimonial for Balkan DMC frequent traveler, since 2013.

This has been a very successful trip. All the members of our group have expressed their enthusiasm and satisfaction and found the program excellent. Both the organizers and the facilitators were first class. This was reflected in all the activities as well as in the choice of venues. Also, all the meals and the attractions we visited were perfect choices for us. This tells us that years of experience and a high level of product knowledge are our best guarantee for a tailormade and fantastic result. The program gave us several opportunities to learn about the local culture and to take part in activities that are found widely off the beaten track. We strongly believe and sincerely hope that future groups will enjoy the services of Balkan DMC as much as we did. A winner!

Group coordinator


Our trip to Serbia was exciting and perfectly planned with interesting sightseeing-tours of the beautiful city of Belgrade, as well as fun Rakia-tastings.

We got to see both the city and the countryside. The people of Serbia are very warm and welcome! We had a great time!

Will visit again and we highly recommend a trip there!

Frank Sæther - Norway


Eiker Vekst in Belgrade and Serbia

In the period between Sept. 11. – 15. 2013, Eiker Vekst organized an excursion to Belgrade/Serbia for 40 participants. The purpose of this journey was to visit companies that employs personnel with reduced working capacity.

Our partnership in Norway, Olav Goberg, arranged the contact with the Balkan DMC and Biljana Babic in order to organize a programme for us. Under the management of Biljana, we had four marvelous days in Serbia.

The first day we had a city sightseeing where we amongst other things had the pleasure of testing Serbian fruit liquor. Afterwards we went to the mausoleum of Tito and the St.Sava Cathedral.

On day two we visited two different companies in Belgrade that employs staff with reduced working capacity. It was very interesting for us to see how this is organized in Serbia.

The third day we went by bus to Torola – Oplenac with a visit to a vineyard, and the mausoleum of the Sebian Royal Family. Before returning to Belgrade we had lunch at The Norwegian House in Gornji Milanovac, where we also visited the Norwegian-Serbian War Museum. On the departure day the participants had time for shopping and individual arrangements.

All the arrangements were carried out according to schedule, and all the members of our group have in the time after the journey, expressed great satisfaction over the complete programme!

Lunch and dinner were all days arranged at very nice places, and the food tasted delicious.

From our personal experience we will be happy to give our best recommendation to a trip to Belgrade/Serbia with Balkan DMC as operator.

Ragnar Hjellum - Norway
Director of Eiker Vekst AS


Serbia with Belgrade and its surroundings made good impressions and touching experiences to me. The warm meetings with Serbian people, the beautiful landscapes and small villages with unexpected jewels of impressions, and the mood in the big city of Belgrade has made me plan a new trip within the next months. I want more of this, and can recommend it to others.

Steinar Lunde - Norway

Velkommen til Balkan